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HTB125-1005 power 7.5kw direct drive industrial air blowers fans

product description

Product Parameters


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Functional features

1. Light weight, medium pressure, big volume, low noise.

2. Aluminum alloy material, greatly reduce weight, achieve the goal of light weight.

3. Design ( 1 HP motor for I . E. C above ) , full close outer fan type aluminum frame, motor axis of special design, can be suitable for long time use, high temperature resistance 120°C, if you have special request, we can customize temperature resistance 200°C

4. Special blade design, unilateral opening without blocking.

5. Special air damper, can adjust the airflow, easy to operate (CX) (TB) HTB applicable.

6. The air inlet and outlet of the fan are designed independently,optional reducing pipe,docking use,the air outlet can choose four directions,the motor can be left or right.


PCB cleaning system,bottling system,plastic auxiliary equipment.
Label printing machine,woodworking machine,paper manufacturing,packing machine,
food machine,textile machine,waste water treatment system,aquaculture industry,
ceramics and mining industry,industrial vacuum cleaning,powder conveying ,
drying machine,glass industry,ice manufacture and cooling system,etc.